How do I clear my cookies?

In order to make sure that TopCashback is classed as the 'Last Referrer' for a sale and so that we can track your purchases correctly, our cookie must be the last placed on your computer prior to a purchase.

Other websites including comparison sites and voucher code sites use cookies which can override the TopCashback cookie, meaning that they get paid for your purchase instead of us - hence, you will not receive the cashback.

Therefore, we advise that users should clear the cookies from their computer prior to clicking through to TopCashback to prevent another website from getting paid for your purchase.

To delete your cookies, follow these steps for your chosen browser:

Internet Explorer

- Open Internet Explorer.
- Click the Tools button (in the top right corner) and then click Internet Options.
- On the General tab, under Browsing history, click Delete.
- Tick the Cookies and website data check box, and then click Delete.


- Open Firefox.
- Click the Firefox button (in the top left corner) and then go to History > Clear Recent History.
- Change the time range to ‘Everything’ and make sure the Cookies check box is ticked.
- Click Clear Now.


- Open Chrome.
- Click the Chrome menu (in the top right corner) and then go to Tools > Clear browsing data.
- Change the time range to ‘the beginning of time’ and make sure the cookies check box is ticked.
- Click Clear browsing data.


- Open Safari.
- Click the Action menu (in the top right corner) and then go to Preferences.
- Click on Privacy and then click Remove All Website Data.

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