Why has my cashback been declined?

If the cashback amount has been crossed out on one of your transactions, and it is showing in the 'declined' column of your Earnings page, this means that the merchant has marked your transaction as being ineligible for cashback. It may also say Payable at $0.00

We may not know exactly why the merchant has reached this decision, but some possible reasons may include:

- You cancelled or returned your order or part of your order
- You used a promotional code, voucher code or another form of discount (e.g. student discount, staff discount) not approved by TopCashback when making this purchase
- You asked for a quote or browsed a merchant's website, but didn't make a purchase.
- You may have used a saved quote or a renewal quote to make this purchase
- The merchant pays cashback to new customers only, and you have shopped with this merchant before (please see the merchant's page to see whether this applies)
- You did not complete your order online i.e. it was finalised over the phone
- You returned part of your order
- You did not meet any other of the Terms and Conditions set by the merchant

If your transaction has been declined, and you feel that it could not be for any of the reasons above, then please could you lodge a 'Missing Cashback Claim' in the Customer Care section of your account? We will then be able to investigate this with the merchant, so that we can try and resolve the issue or find out some more information for you.

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