Will my cashback track with AdBlock installed on my browser?

Your cashback may not track when you have AdBlock installed on your browser. Cashback tracking relies on cookies, or small bits of information stored in your browser, so we can link the cashback back to your account. AdBlock can block these cookies, which is useful on some sites, but to earn cashback we advise you follow the recommended steps below.

Using TopCashback with AdBlock installed

You can continue to use TopCashback with AdBlock installed on your browser by following these steps;

Internet Explorer users:
We recommend that Internet Explorer users disable AdBlock while shopping online to earn cashback. To do this, simply click on the AdBlock icon in the top right corner of your browser window, and select 'Pause Adblock' before you come to TopCashback and make your purchase. You can un-pause it again after you've clicked through and made your purchase with the retailer.

Chrome, Safari & Firefox Users:
Users of these browsers can also add TopCashback to the list of sites allowed by AdBlock, by downloading the TopCashback ‘filter list’. This means you can leave AdBlock functioning as normal, but the proper tracking of cashback cookies will be allowed on TopCashback and our affiliate network sites only. You can do this simply by following the link below:

You only need to do this if you already have AdBlock installed, and have not previously downloaded the filter list, otherwise the link will not work.



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