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l1vin's story is a simple one. They are a group of entrepreneurs who are now growing old and they have started to understand that society that we live in isn't really the best environment for our health. They founded l1vin. as a natural health and wellness product company. As we are growing older, we realised that our bodies are changing. They do not recover like when we are younger and our bodies need more nutrients / supplements than we used to. Along their journey to discover a healthier lifestyle, they discovered that supplementing our diet with quality naturally derived nutritional supplements is incredibly effective, and it dramatically improved our health. However, in South East Asia, they find a strong lack in these scientifically proven natural health products and that became the very reason why they started l1vin., to incorporate their traditional health practices with modern science to develop more sophisticated natural health products that will help people, not just us. In l1vin., they truly believe in the benefits of nutraceuticals and the concept of nutrition as preventive medicine to help supplement our bodies with the right nutrients to build a healthier ecosystem in our body. They are also working on remedies to allow our bodies to recover more naturally.

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Cashback terms and exclusions

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  • Using a discount code or voucher code not posted and approved by TopCashback.
  • If you return or cancel your order then you will no longer be eligible for cashback and you will see the cashback move to Declined in your account.
What else is essential?
  • Most retailers calculate the cashback based on the purchase amount excluding taxes and delivery charges. So if your cashback is slightly lower than expected, this will likely be why.
What to do and when
  • Any Missing Cashback Claims must be lodged within 100 days of your purchase.

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